4 quick ways to make money for new hip hop and unsigned artist

Published: 24th June 2010
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For new hip hop artist and for unsigned artist everything is not promised to you in the beginning of your music career. You have to work very hard to make things happen. In the meantime you need to make some money to pay for your studio time, your clothes (you have to look hot), your beats and whatever else you need to make your dreams come true. So in light of having this dilemma we will provide you with 4 quick ways to make some quick money with using up all your time to work on your craft.
Ghost writer-this is a very quick way for someone who is talented at writing lyrics. There are plenty of unsigned artist on the internet who have no clue how to compose a song or write really good lyrics. All you have to do is use the forums, social networks and sites like Guru.com to find your customers. It cost you nothing to start just some of your time.
Edit audio for others -Learning this skill is highly beneficial because it is currently in high demand! If you are a music producer then this is for you. The Sony SoundForge program is available on Windows but there are professional upgrades available if you need them. This will help you edit audio files to make them run more smoothly. After you get the hang of it, you can then offer your services to others.

Create a Blog that promotes unsigned artist in your area- this is an incredibly easy way to make money. Write about the new hip hop or new and regular bands in your area. They will seek you out for a good write up. Not to mention the comps you will get once people know about your blog and how great it is. This is a sure winner and you are guaranteed to make some money with this. Not to mention the network of people you will get to know.

Promote a local bands music in your social network-that's easy enough, you already have a ton of friends on other websites why don't you get paid by promoting bands music to them. This is a win win for all parties involved. They sell music you make money with little effort.

These are just a few tips and suggestions on how to get money online. For the serious tips and techniques check 2010hiphop.info and get started making as much as you can on the internet with your music.

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